Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram Blackout Leaves Fans Perplexed

Where is Jenny from the Block?

International singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez (aka JLo) has gone ‘dark’ on social media as all 88 of her Instagram posts have disappeared without a trace.

She also changed her profile picture to a completely black one and millions of her fans are confused by the dramatic changes. Many suspect that the 53-year-old diva is planning to make a big career announcement.

jennifer lopez


A couple of days ago, Lopez, who changed her legal name to Jennifer Affleck, shared a picture with husband on social media but the very next day, all of her Instagram content disappeared overnight.

JLo has more than 227 million fans on the social media platform, which is why many of the fans have become concerned.

Jennifer’s other official social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok have not been changed. The On The Floor singer has not issued any statement or commented on the matter.

Jennifer Lopez

Many believe JLo’s Instagram disappearance is merely a publicity stunt to get her fans’ undivided attention. According to media reports, Jennifer Lopez is rumored to be gearing up for an exciting new project that has been kept tightly under wraps. It is unclear whether this project is related is a music, film, TV or something else entirely.

Whatever the case maybe, we and all the fans are curious to know what is the true reason why Jennifer Lopez decided to go ‘M.I.A’ on her Instagram.