Jhelum Bride Loots Her Husband on Wedding Night and Runs Away

According to the groom’s mother, her son suffers from speaking and hearing disabilities.

Jhelum Bride

Jhelum bride, who looted Rs. 1 million cash off her husband is currently on the run. Reportedly, she stole the cash- along with 5 tolas of gold- on the night of her wedding. The family says they are worried about their son, who suffers from speaking and hearing disabilities.

As reported by the groom’s sister, the bride was brought from Swabi. In addition to this, the bride’s family was paid Rs. 400,000 for the wedding. But little did they know what evil plans were brewing in the bride’s head.

On her wedding night, the Jhelum bride gave her husband sleeping pills. According to police reports from Wednesday, the bride has run away with the cash and gold. The reception ceremony was scheduled for today and the family had invited around 500 people to the event.

The mother of the groom said that because of her son’s disabilities, she wanted a nice girl to become his companion.


My son suffers from hearing and speaking disabilities.


A similar incident took place in the Chota Para area in the Badaun district where a bride drugged her in-laws and ran away with valuables. The Jhelum bride has not been found yet and the groom’s family has filed a complaint with the police.


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