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Juggun Kazim Throws Gender Reveal Party for Her Baby [Video]

So Ariana or Zehra?

Juggun Kazim

People grew weary of gender reveal parties after some took extravagance to an extreme and cause safety hazards. But Juggun Kazim won’t let that rain on her parade. The Janam Jali actress had a ball at her third child’s gender reveal party without the safety hazards.

Juggun Kazim does not shy away from sharing her personal life with fans via social media. The former PTV morning show host flaunts her familial bliss on Instagram. So why would her third pregnancy be any different?


Have You Seen Juggun Kazim’s Debut as a Child Star?

She even started her own YouTube channel for a more inter-personal experience communicating with her fans. Juggun and her husband, Feisal H Naqvi are welcoming another child into the family. The couple is already parents to two sons Hamzah, and Hassan.

Now the couple is having a baby girl. Juggun Kazim and her family are excited about the news.

Turns out the Mann o Salwa actress wanted a daughter both times when she was expecting a child before. Looks like that wish finally came true

“When I was expected Humzah, I really wanted a daughter and I had already decided that I would name her Ariana. Then when I was expecting Hassan I hoped it would be a daughter and I would name her Zehra. I’m very grateful to Allah and very blessed, …. but obviously now if its a girl it would be awesome.”



Where Did Juggun Kazim Go After Leaving PTV?

The Pink Ludoos actress even created a pregnancy blog to keep everyone posted on her pregnancy and to talk about child-rearing, child-bearing and parenting in general.

Congratulations to the web-show host.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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