Karachi Woman Who Tortured Her Mother-in-Law Under Arrest

A brutal incident of a woman beating up her mother-in-law has left the Internet in a shock.

woman beats her mother-in-law

A brutal incident of a woman beating up her mother-in-law has left the Internet in a shock. It emerged on Wednesday, that the culprit has been arrested from the Clifton area of Karachi after the video went viral.

The video shows the accused, Afshan torturing her elderly mother-in-law. It was recorded by an employee at the house, probably the elderly’s caretaker. The caretaker informed her husband, Ghulam Nabi, about what his wife had been doing to his mother in his absence.

Following the incident, Ghulam Nabi filed a complaint against his wife. In the FIR report, he stated that he had married Afshan some seven years ago and had a five-year-old son. He also said that his mother, Razia was old and he had hired a caretaker for her.

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This wasn’t the first time

When the caretaker informed him about the monstrous attitude of his wife towards his 70-year-old mother, he remembered all those times his wife had lied to him about the bruises.

“I didn’t have any idea about what was happening with my mother in my absence. Often when I found the torture marks on my mother’s body and asked my wife about them, she always told me that the marks were because of illnesses.”

The caretaker had recorded a video of the accused on her mobile phone and she later showed it to Ghulam Nabi. She further told him that Afshan’s mother used to instigate her to beat up her mother-in-law.


According to the complainant, the caretaker also told him that Afshan and her mother were planning to kill him with a knife.

The police said the case was registered on February 12. During the investigation, Afshan was found guilty and was arrested. She was later sent to jail after being produced before a court. Her mother was also nominated in the FIR but she obtained bail before she could be arrested.

It is pertinent to note here that the video was first shared by a Facebook user.



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  1. This bail before arrest is the most ridiculous and stupid concept. Here in the UK an arrest is the very first step taken by police so that a quick recorded statement can be taken before suspects can get together to make up a story. This is why Pakistan’s conviction rate is so low. Pre arrest bail gives Suspects the chance to make up a story.

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