Kataksha is a Pakistani Horror Movie Which Swaps Zombies for Jinns

Get ready for some legitimately good scares!


Pakistan made a horror movie and it was shot in the famed Katas Raj Temple.

Pakistan has made horror movies before. But according to Kataksha’s producers, this one is like no other horror movies that came before, since it’s all about jinns.

The movie isn’t a commercial film and that means we are in for a treat without an item song ruining the scary vibe and mood of the film.

First Look

We just got our first look at Kataksha:


Kataksha leans more on the thriller elements in the thriller/horror genre, filled with horror and suspense. The movie cast Jeewan Hathi Kiran Tabeir in the lead role opposite Saleem Miraj. Other cast members include Kasim Khan, Nimra Shahid, and Mubeen Gabol.

The actress says that the story revolves around the experience of four people. They have a knack for investigating haunted places, but this time will be different.

“It’s a story of four people who go on a journey and what happens on that trip,……………We record shows at haunted places and we find out that there is a place where a murder took place and it’s haunted. We decide to go there to record a show to see if it is actually haunted or not.”



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Not a Commercial Work

The actress reaffirms that the film is not a commercial film. That means no unnecessary item number that adds nothing to the story (no people breaking out into song like a musical either).

 “There are no items numbers, no love scenes, it’s not a glamorous film – it’s a different story, a different kind of cinema.”

In fact, all the glamour in the film comes from the scenic Katas Raj temples.

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Even though Kiran is cast opposite the talented Saleem Miraj, there will be no romance (that’s a good thing). Even though Kiran is the lead, there is no conventional hero.

“Saleem Miraj is playing opposite me. It’s not a film about a hero and heroine – you won’t find a conventional hero.”

Kataksha Plot

To add to that, the journey covers the journey of a television crew. The crew work for a news channel and Kiran is the producer of the show.

Saleem plays the driver and Kasim Khan essays the role of director of photography (DOP). While Nimra Shahid plays the show’s host. This episode of the show turns out different and that’s what the movie’s all about.

“What happens with us there, how the story takes a turn, the twist of events and whether the place is haunted or not… whether jinns exist or not.”

Kataksha has been written and directed by Abu Aleeha. He’s also the directer of upcoming horror flick Arifa featuring Mathira.

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