KFC vs Foodpanda Fight Goes Viral on Social Media [Video]

The fight included verbal abuses, batons, rods, and even flying chairs.

KFC vs Foodpanda

Do you hate it when you order food online and it is 30-minutes too late? Well, you’re not the only one who feels like hurling abuses at the restaurant (or throwing a punch). A foodpanda rider recently got in a verbal and physical fight with KFC in Rawalpindi. Allegedly, the rider was told that his order had not been received. Although this might be a common error, on the night of 21st January, it turned into a KFC vs Foodpanda fight.


KFC vs Foodpanda


KFC vs Foodpanda

According to details, the foodpanda rider arrived at KFC to receive his order. After waiting for half an hour, he was told that the restaurant had not received any order for him. This upset the rider and he started hurling abuses at the restaurant’s manager.

After some back and forth, the rider returned – and this time he brought his friends. The 3 foodpanda associates were struck by KFC employees. And to make matters worse, they made yet another return.

This time, however, it was 30-40 people against KFC employees. And the former won the battle. Let’s take a look at the KFC vs foodpanda video that’s making rounds on social media:



Bystanders intervened and stopped the fight between the gangs. Later, an FIR was filed. According to the FIR, KFC’s manager was verbally abused and then physically, with the help of friends, by a foodpanda employee. When eyewitnesses stopped the 3 men, they went away only to return with 30-40 people. And the fight included batons, rods, and even flying chairs.

Here’s what an eyewitness has to say:



Another FIR filed

KFC manager filed another FIR- Abdul Daim’s name has been specifically mentioned- with 20 suspects. He has made a request for the arrest of these individuals. We hope the KFC vs foodpanda fight ends soon. And that no more parties are injured or mistreated. What do you think of this story? Share your views in the comments section.


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