Kickboxer Agha Kaleem Credits Ali Zafar After Winning International Championship

The two had a heartwarming exchange on Twitter.

Pakistani kickboxer Agha Kaleem made the nation proud with his remarkable victory at an international MMA championship event. The talented athlete, who was working at a dhaba not too long ago, thanked renowned music artist Ali Zafar for his support.

In the world of sports, victories are often celebrated by athletes and their fans. However, what truly makes these achievements special is the support and mentorship that propels athletes to greatness. The Twitter exchange between Agha Kaleem and  Ali Zafar beautifully encapsulates this sentiment.

Agha Kaleem took to Twitter to share his elation and gratitude. He announced his triumph with a heartfelt message, saying, “Alhamdulillah, I won the international MMA championship,” and tagged Ali Zafar in his post.

Ali Zafar, known for his unwavering support for budding talent, responded swiftly with congratulations, expressing his pride in Kaleem’s accomplishment: “Amazing! Believed in you all the way. So proud.”

However, the exchange took an emotional turn when Kaleem openly credited Ali Zafar for his victory. In a candid admission, he revealed that without Zafar’s support, he might have abandoned his dreams in kickboxing.

This profound acknowledgment highlights the significant role that mentors and supporters play in an athlete’s journey. In response, Ali Zafar, known for his humility, emphasized that the credit for this remarkable feat belonged solely to Kaleem, stating, “Not at all. This feat is your doing.”

The touching exchange concluded with Kaleem expressing his deep affection for Ali Zafar, writing, “Love You Ali bhai.”

This final message underscores the genuine camaraderie and mentorship that exist within the world of sports. It serves as a testament to the idea that success often results from the combined efforts of athletes and their unwavering mentors, demonstrating that dreams can become reality with the right support system in place.

Kaleem, who hails from Lahore, has won numerous national and international titles in kickboxing, including the Pakistan National Kickboxing Championship and the South Asian Kickboxing Championship.

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