Kinza Hashmi Tries Out Her Makeup Skills on Saboor Aly [Video]

Kinza Hashmi - Saboor Aly

While many celebs are known for their suave style, not many are as revered for their make-up skills. Looks like Kinza Hashmi has that talent down.

The Ishq Hai actress gave her friend Saboor Aly a makeover and the results are stunning.

While many know that the starlet actually started her career as a singer and stumbled upon acting in the process. Who would have thought that her makeup skills are on point too.

She then shared a video of the whole ordeal on Instagram captioned;

“When Saboor Aly ⁩was forced to sit in that chair and let me do the magic !”

Based on the end result, looks like the Gul-o-Gulzar costars had fun in the process. From goofing around about the whole situation. To the Naqab Zun actor’s reaction in the end when she saw the look Kinza Hashmi created for her.

Towards the end we even see Saboor Aly doing her own lashes and mascara.

The video is bound to hit you with the feeling of ‘I miss my best friend‘. We’ve all gone been in that position when we have to let a close friend do our hair or makeup, not because the situation calls for it but rather because they feel like it. This ‘girls night/day’ staple is probably the most affirmative girls bonding activity.

So how many of you want to do that again with a friend?


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