Laborer Who Appeared in Shehzad Roy Songs is Going Through Financial Crisis

He has appeared in many music videos for the singer.

Shehzad Roy

Shehzad Roy has made a name for himself in Pakistan – as a singer, a social worker, and a humanitarian. While he started his career as a singer in 1995 and gave us 6 hit music albums, we feel that it’s his work as a social activist that has earned him our respect.

Perhaps this is why his socio-political songs have resonated so much with many.



In one of these songs, Shehzad enlisted the help of one Wasu Khan. Wasu is from the Jaffarabad district of Balochistan and belongs to the labor class. He made an appearance in the song Apne Ullo Kitne Tedhe.

Wasu’s narration on the doomed political affairs of the country ignited a spirit of awareness in the country. His performance was loved by the whole nation, and everyone was eager to see more of him in the music industry.




Since his work in the song Apne Ullo Kitne Tedhe received massive support in 2011, he was featured in another one of Roy’s songs. Beya Beya was a tribute to the late folk singer Mureed Buledi. Wasu and the beautiful Baloch lyrics in the song made for a good combination.

His part in both the songs made the hit singles extremely special. However, Wasu Khan’s fame was short-lived. After going through numerous health issues, and living in a rented house, Wasu is now in a financial crisis.




Not only is he unable to pay his house rent, but he is also unable to provide his family with two meals a day. He hopes that his message will reach the authorities, and will bring him the help that he needs.

Let’s take a look at his video:




His story took over the internet, and people started to share how the star who once featured in Roy’s songs is now left neglected.




Many people had strong opinions on the matter…







We appreciate Shehzad Roy’s hard work for the betterment of this society. We also hope his dear old friend, Wasu Khan, gets the help that he needs. May this story reach the concerned officials who can help out a brilliantly talented artist.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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