Laptop Thief Emails Apology to its Owner, Proceeds to Rob Him Again

The bizarre incident has left everyone scratching their heads.

A South African man called God Guluva, on Sunday, tweeted that a thief stole his laptop, sharing a screenshot of an apology mail the robber sent from the owner’s email account.

The “sincere” thief also attached the owner’s research proposal document in the email that left the tweep and everyone on the internet confused.

According to the email, the thief stole the laptop because he needed money. He also informed Guluva that he’s already found a customer for his stolen computer.

Confused on how to approach this peculiar situation, Guluva did the one thing everyone knows you shouldn’t do — Take advice from the internet. Twitterati suggested the South African man buy back the stolen laptop from the thief.

Guluva made the initial offer of 4,000 South African Rands (48,808 PKR) via email but the robber responded aggressively. He made a counter-offer of 5,000 Rands (61,010 PKR) and told Guluva that they will meet at a location of his choosing. The robber also warned him to not involve the local law enforcement.

Things Didn’t Go Well

The two reached an agreement to meet on Monday at 12, and the internet thought that this bizarre story of a “considerate” thief and the hapless owner would have a happy ending. However, what happened next is both hilarious and tragic.

laptop thief

The next day, on Monday, Guluva posted a picture of himself bruised and beaten up. He revealed that the meeting was a trap as the man got robbed by the same person, again!

“Back and safe but not okay,” he wrote. “It was a trap they gave me a beating and took the 5k and my phone. If it wasn’t the taxi driver that decided to stop when he saw the situation it would have been worse than this.”

Twitterati on social media continue to process this bizarre incident with some hilarious memes, Some expressed sympathy for the poor owner who had to go through this ordeal.

One tweep tried to put a positive spin on this incident.

Others doubt if his story is even true.

We can’t confirm if the incident is real or not, but we do learn a valuable lesson: “Never take advice on the internet.”