Lay’s Pakistan Drops the Newest Flavor of Their Chips and Pakistanis are Disgusted

It was an April’s Fool Day prank and they sure got us!

Lay's Pakistan

People love all sorts of weird combos and snacks with their chaaye but nobody has ever attempted to make a snack out of tea. Well, maybe some people have and they might have tasted good but the recent launch by Lay’s Pakistan has raised eyebrows and for all the wrong reasons.

This afternoon, Lay’s Pakistan launched a new flavor of their chips – Doodh Patti.

Introducing the all new Lay’s Doodh Patti!

Introducing the all new Lay’s Doodh Patti!

Posted by LaysPakistan on Thursday, April 1, 2021


The post has confused netizens as they are unable to comprehend the situation. Not only chaaye lovers are offended, but fans of Lay’s chips also feel disgusted.

So are the chips savory or do they taste sweet like chaaye, but if they are sweet and taste like chaaye how can we define them as ‘chips’.

The launch seems like a disaster right now and people are asking just one question: Why?



It was only until when some netizens realized what date it is today. It’s April 1 and the only way this makes sense is that this could be an April Fool’s post.



Similarly, Subway Australia launched a coriander flavored cookie. Now, we are all a fan of Subway‘s cookies but coriander? In a cookie? You sure it isn’t pakora?


All these brands are doing a great job at pranking us but if it ever comes to reality, we would be left broken. I mean, we really hope that it is nothing more than an April Fool’s prank, otherwise, God knows what will happen to the future of snacks.




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