This Pakistani Creates ‘Strawberry Biryani’ and Twitter Asks Why

Is this a gimmick or an abomination?

The thing about classics is that they work as they are and must not be tinkered with. Of course, there are people who are into extreme experiments. That is how we ended up with strawberry biryani.

Yes, someone actually thought it was a good idea to put strawberries in biryani. Now the question remains, what do biryani enthusiasts, biryani connoisseurs and the public think?


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Islamabad’s ‘digital evangelist’ Saad Hamid thought it would be a good idea to create this bizarre combination of strawberry biryani, or as he calls it ‘strawbiryani‘. (As though the city doesn’t already get trolled enough for a lack of biryani connoisseurs)

“We made “Strawbiryani” at home today and I am curious to know what desi Twitter has to say about it.”

The picture shows some pretty good-looking rice cooked along with chicken or mutton, and four strawberries on top.

It’s safe to say, desi Twitter wishes this Frankenstien food ceased to exist. People reacted from trolling the chef to straight up crying blasphemy.

Some users compared it to other viral food combinations like pineapple pizza.


Others just asked, why? Strawberry biryani is another instance of fusion confusion we didn’t need.



Then there were people calling this straight up criminal.


Things got ugly.


That just hurt.


Some were even looking out for a fellow brown man, asking Saad to return to the light.


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There were even people calling this a gimmick for attention online. Is this denial to accept that someone has defiled biryani, yet again?

Or did this man intentionally invite the wrath of the internet for a minute of viral fame?



What do you think? Is this ‘toheen-e-biryani‘ or just a viral gimmick? Is strawberry biryani a combination you’d be willing to try? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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