Leaked Videos of Mathira Surface Online, Model Threatens To Take Legal Action

The VJ asserts that the explicit videos circulating on social media are fake and edited.

Mathira Shuts Down Troll

As explicit leaked videos of Mathira land online, the talk show host is threatening legal action.

The VJ asserts that the explicit videos circulating on social media are fake and edited.

Taking to Instagram stories, the Blind Love actor shared a chat with a social media user. While context isn’t apparent, the Insta Show host added captions saying that some nude videos are being circulating on social media with her face. She asserts the videos are doctored with her face having been pasted on via face swapping or editing.


Based on the images of the convo it’s unclear if the social media influencer is speaking to the culprit behind the doctored videos or if they are discussing the accused.


In one of the chats, she explained how the nude videos are doctored and she will take action legally against this.

“A video has been moving the internet [and] have been edited. The other two videos are mine because I posted them publicly on Snapchat but a stupid and nude one is edited and not me.”



The Raasta is adamant that whoever edited the video will be punished.

Mathira asserted that she never shared compromising pictures of herself.

Previously a doctored, explicit video of host-cum-actress Fatima Sohail landed online. As the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) got involved it declared the video doctored and had the video taken off the web.

Will authorities be able to hold the people behind this accountable? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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