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FIA Says That Fatima Sohail is Not the Woman in Leaked Video

Here’s what happened.

Fatima Sohail

After Rabi Peerzada, Shaheen Afridi and Samara Chaudhry became targets of leaked videos that showed them in compromising situations, we got another video during the past few days. Many people alleged that it was Fatima Sohail in the video, however, that certainly does not seem to be the case.

Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime Wing revealed that’s not Fatima Sohail in the video, but rather her doppelganger.

FIA Cyber Crime Wing’s Forensic Department came to this conclusion after evaluating the video.

Fatima Sohail
FIA on Fatema Sohail’s look-alike’s leaked video



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Removal of Fake Video

Directives have been issued to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to remove the footage based on Fatima’s complaint.

Previously, all these recent incidents of leaked footage of celebrities were being linked to a gang of hackers.

According to Independent Urdu, Fatima Sohail’s sister Ayesha Sohail accuses Fatima’s ex-husband Mohsin Haider Abbas of sharing the footage. She too asserted that the woman in the video was not Fatima, just someone who looks like her.

The couple split after an extensive court battle when Fatima came forward with domestic abuse claims against Mohsin Haider Abbas.


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According to the news outlet, FIA Cyber Crime Wing, Deputy Director Sarfaraz Chaudhry revealed Fatima filed an application to have the video flagged down via her lawyer Zain Qureshi on Thursday. The TV presenter also recorded her statement that she’s not the woman seen in the video.

Sarfaraz Chaudhry also said that previously Fatima filed a complaint against her ex-husband Mohsin Haider Abbas for sharing personal photographs on social media. She had said that the pictures were not explicit in nature but just personal pictures between a couple.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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