‘Let the Brothers Win This One’: Indian Fan Wins Pakistanis’ Hearts with Goodwill Message for Pakistan

“Imagine the impact if millions of us who can interact with each other across the border choose to converse with empathy and brotherhood”.

An Indian tweep came out in support of Pakistan after India crashed out of the T20 World Cup with a 10-wicket semi final loss to England in Adelaide, Australia yesterday. The tweet won the hearts of both Indians and Pakistanis everywhere on social media.

Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam

It is common to find toxic India and Pakistani cricket fans who take every opportunity to troll, gloat over, mock, and abuse each other. This World Cup season has proven to be no different as both fandoms have been at it again, recycling the same old stale “Karachi/Mumbai airport” jokes and the usual “baap/beta” memes on Twitter.

However, the Indian fan broke the toxic meme-fest after India’s loss to England.yesterday and said,

Okay if we lose this, I am supporting Pakistan over England.

He added,

Can’t let the Goras [whites] win the World Cup. Let the brothers win this one.

The tweep, Divyanshu Asopa, is an aspiring filmmaker. He won the hearts of people online as several Pakistanis and Indians put aside their differences to appreciate his goodwill message.

Divyanshu Asopa acknowledged the love and appreciation that he got from Twitterati and wrote, “Mention tab is flooded with so much love and warmth.”

He gave people another important to ponder upon:

Imagine the impact if millions of us who can interact with each other across the border choose to converse with empathy and brotherhood.

It is lovely to see that there are decent fans on both sides of the border, who are not brainwashed by politics and media sensationalism that has divided the two nations. The Indian tweep’s message proves that despite India and Pakistan’s bitter history and rivalry, at the end of the day, we were all brothers who were divided by the British Empire.

England Dash India’s World Cup Dreams

Yesterday, India suffered an embarrassing defeat to England in the World Cup semi-final as Jos Butler and Alex Hales thrashed the men in blue to secure their spot in the final against Pakistan with a 10-wicket win.

We hope Babar Azam and Pakistan defeat England in the final on Sunday and bring the World Cup back to the sub-continent.