‘Lights, Camera, Baby!’ Sarwat Gilani Glows in Pregnant Photoshoot for Sunday Times

The ‘Joyland’ star is expecting her third child.

In a mesmerizing display of maternal radiance, acclaimed actress Sarwat Gilani graced the cover of Sunday Times magazine in a stunning pregnant photoshoot.

The ‘Joyland’ actress, who revealed her third pregnancy at the 22nd Lux Style Awards a couple of months ago, has once again captured hearts with her ethereal beauty.

The cover, adorned with the tagline “Sarwat Gilani shines in the spotlight of motherhood,” features the actress in a loose lilac satin gown, delicately cradling her growing belly while radiating joy.

Her impeccable makeup and perfectly styled hair, courtesy of Nabila Salon, added an extra layer of glamour to the enchanting photoshoot.

The caption accompanying the cover exclaimed,

Lights, Camera, Baby!!! Sarwat Gilani takes center stage on the Sunday Times cover, embracing the beauty of motherhood 🌟❤️ From balancing a thriving career to cherishing precious family time, the diva has been rocking it all! 🙌🏼

Sarwat Gilani is a popular actress who is well known for her stellar performances in various projects. From starring in hit drama serials to blockbuster films and critically acclaimed web series and Oscar contenders, Sarwat has seamlessly juggled a flourishing career with the responsibilities of a growing family.

The actress and her husband, Fahad Mirza, are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their third child. Fahad and Sarwat shared the exciting news during the 22nd Lux Style Awards in October, is set to expand their family and embark on a new chapter of parenthood.

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