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‘Lonely’ Man Gets Matched With None Other Than His Wife On Tinder

Well this is a twist.


Sometimes being lonely can drive you to do stupid things. This is exactly what happened to one lonely husband who shared his story over Reddit. This man got the shock of his life after his wife went for a business trip and he had some alone time to explore the dating app Tinder.

The guy, having nothing better to do at his house alone, decided to download Tinder. After spending some time on the dating app, he finally got bored and decided to delete it. Things were going smoothly until his wife left for another business trip and our lonely friend did the same thing he did the last time.


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A Shock

This time though, something unusual happened. He was horrified when he saw his wife’s picture on Tinder.

Not wanting to believe it at first, he thought it might have been stolen by a bot. However, after reading her profile, he was convinced that it’s his wife.

“Then I saw her picture come up. I say shocked for a moment. I wondered if I should just delete it and pretend nothing happened. I thought maybe a bot stole her picture…. But I read her profile… it’s her. It’s her now and it’s her life. There’s even a picture of her where I am cut out.I decided to make a bold move and swipe right. I swiped and we matched,” he wrote.

How Tinder Works

When you swipe right on someone’s picture on Tinder it means you like that person and would love to meet him or her in real life. When the other person swipe towards the right back at you it means you two are a match.

This what happened to the ‘lonely’ guy. And in an ironic twist, he got matched with his own wife!

Man Is Asking For Suggestions

The man decided to take up the matter with his wife when she returns from her trip. But he is unsure whether it’s she herself or one of her friends. Moreover, he also has to explain why was he on Tinder hinmelf in first place .

“What the hell do I do?” the devastated man asked his fellow Redditors.

Unsurprisingly, he found less advice and more criticism from the netizens.

“I would be super pissed if my bf was downloading tinder because he was lonely. I honestly don’t even think you have a right to be mad because you were also on it!!!” said one user.


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Another user said,

“Repeatedly downloads Tinder, coincidentally during wife’s business trips. No Intentions to cheat whatsoever. ”

Another fellow redditor advised them not to be upset about it because they both were on Tinder. That makes them both equally at fault.

“You used Tinder when your wife was out of town and now you are upset because your wife used Tinder when she was out town. Am I understanding your post?” he wrote.

According to the story shared on Reddit, the couple had met on tinder 3 years ago and now they are happily married. Well that last part is still up in the air though.

Written by Arslan Khattak


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