‘Love Of My Life’: Sadaf Kanwal Has A Steamy Birthday Wish for Hubby Shahroze

Sadaf Kanwal - Shahroze Sabzwari

After all the spotlight was on Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroze Sabzwari’s daughter, eyes are now on the Hassad actor on his birthday.

His wife definitely made an effort to make it known how special the Bisaat-e-Dil actor is for her. In a cheesy birthday post, the Kaif-o-Suroor item girl

““If I had but an hour
of love, if that be all that
is given me, an hour of
love upon this earth,
I would give my love to thee.”

Happy Birthday to the Love of my life”

On the other hand, the couple recently became parents to a baby girl, who they named Syeda Zahra Sabzwari. In a previous video of family and friends getting to meet the baby, some Netizens pointed out Nooreh Shahroze’s long face. This led to speculation of sibling jealousy.

[isnta url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/ChFNjgRLX6B/”]

However, the model-cum-actress posted a video of her stepdaughter Nooreh fawning over her baby sister. In the video she can be heard saying;

“She’s just so cute, a million. A gajillion, billion percent.”

Sadaf Kanwal captioned the video

“Sister bond”

Meanwhile, Syeda Zahra Sabzwari already has her own Instagram account. While many celebrity parents try and shield their newborns from the glare of the public eye looks like Sadaf and Shahroze would rather raise their baby in the spotlight.

Although the Instsgram account is technically that of the newborn, the child is not curating the public image that is generated for them. In the future would this starkid continue using the same account or explore their own options?

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