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Mahira Khan Responds to Troll Over Coronavirus Comments

Here’s what she said.

Mahira Khan

While the whole world is going through the coronavirus pandemic, countries like Pakistan are also trying their best to overcome this together.

The current lockdown is a necessary step to control its spread, however, it is becoming harder for people who survive on daily wages.

Many locals and celebrities together have made several efforts to support the needs of such families. But even in this time of crisis, some people can’t keep their unnecessary opinions to themselves. You can’t clean up all the trash at once, can you?

Mahira Khan became a victim of such a mindset again. Like others, the Superstar actress too has been spreading mindful messages through her social media.

“Be kinder than usual, be kinder than you feel. At this point when we are all at home and worried, anxiety runs high. Think about those who already suffer from other health ailments – physical and mental.”


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She also made a video addressing the issue and asked everyone to help others in need. However, there was one comment that took the whole message in the wrong way.

Here’s what the troll said:

“These all you so-called celebs do, just talk and write. How much have you taken out of your bank to help some of those in need?”

Mahira did not overlook this comment and replied to her in a very sensible way.

“Should I show you? Because if I do you will say something else about how one should not show what they do. You and the likes are not ones we need to prove anything to. At least in these times stop being negative. It is time to be good, kind, less judgemental… we have been given this chance. Let Him be the judge. Take care.”

Lesson learned: Don’t judge others. You don’t know where they come from or what they are doing.


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Written by Munazza Mehmood

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