These Pakistani Celebrities are Providing Food Rations During Lockdown

They encourage you to pitch in too!

With the Coronavirus pandemic, plenty of people are ready to jump on board the sharing precautions bandwagon. Amid this, it’s refreshing to see Pakistani celebs that are taking practical steps to help others.

There are a handful of celebs that are helping provide rations to the public amid all the panic buying and buyouts. This was followed by a lockdown, now while this won’t affect those stocked up on supplies, however, this will affect the underprivileged.

Wage workers buy rations in phases and all the hoarding and panic buyouts prevented many from gathering minimal supplies.

Cessation of their wages is another nightmare amid the Coronavirus lockdown as they cannot work. Despite government efforts to provide relief, there will be a massive fallout.


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Pakistani celebrities to the rescue

With people fending for themselves and not caring about stopping the spread of the virus, a handful of celebs are helping others in need.

This list of Pakistani celebs includes actors Feroze Khan, model Anoushey Ashraf, and designer Nomi Ansari. These celebs are distributing ration bags to the underprivileged who are likely to be most affected due to a lockdown.

Ishqiya actor Feroze Khan posted an Instagram story asking others to help others as well.

“Anyone wants to contribute in ration bags. It can be zakat also. I am getting ration bags made of basic necessities.”

Coronavirus lockdown
Feroze Khan helping provide rations to those in need amid Corona lockdown


He later shared how many people contributed to this good cause.

“Wow! Over 1100 bags have been sent out already!! We are together in this!”

On the other hand model, Anoushey Ashraf and designer Nomi Ansari teamed up to provide ration bags for daily wage workers. The two are actually collecting donations for the ration bags.


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The VJ revealed that the duo is only taking donations from people they know personally. They urged others to start their own initiatives rather than try and donate to them. 

“Get a months worth of ration bags ready, get people to donate to one place and then deliver the bags to deserving people who’re suffering due to loss of work on a daily basis because of the COVID-19 scare!”

She even outlined precautions to make sure other good Samaritans are ensuring their own safety too.

Spurred by these examples, will you start a similar initiative in your own city and restore our faith in humanity? The people need our help!