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Malik Riaz Sues Uzma Khan and Her Lawyers for Rs 5 Billion

The case refuses to die down.

Malik Riaz

The Uzma Khan case has been the most controversial media industry-related case yet, With so many people involved in the case, there is no surety of which way this case will end.

Three Sides To The Story

It all started when a video of the Jawani Phir Nahi Aani actress went viral. In the video, she was seen getting beaten up for allegedly having an affair with Usman Malik, who was married to a relative of Malik Riaz. Since then there have been different sides to the story.

Uzma says she has been beaten up, harassed, and threatened by Usman’s wife, Amna Usman, and Malik Riaz’s daughter. She also alleged that Malik Riaz’s family has been bribing the police and authorities, which is making it harder for her to fight her case.



On the other hand, Amna posted a video where she revealed that she had constantly asked Uzma Khan to end all contact with Usman Malik. According to her, a wife is left with no option when her tolerance is tested to the limits.



At the end of it all, we know that there are always three sides to the story – your side, my side, and the truth.

Malik Riaz’s Involvement

As far as Malik Riaz is concerned, since the beginning of this viral case, he has openly stated that he is in no way involved. The founder of Bahria Town also said that he will take legal actions against anyone spreading false rumors against him and his family.




Regardless of his statements, rumors that Malik Riaz and his family have been buying people’s support spread like wildfire.

In recent news, Malik Riaz has now proceeded with the case against Uzma Khan for defamation. According to his lawyer, they are demanding Rs 5 billion for wrongly involving, maligning and defaming Malik Riaz.



In response to statements made by Malik Riaz and his team, Uzma Khan issued her latest statement on the matter. She said,

My FIR is legal. Blatant maligning and mudslinging is only reflective of our society’s deep-rooted misogyny and patriarchy.



The hashtag #ArrestAmberMalik has been trending on twitter since Malik Riaz’s daughter was accused of being involved in the assault against Uzman Khan. Many celebrities have also shared their two cents on the matter:





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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. Malik riaz is mafia don. His end is imminent since God like justice not cruality. All notorious will be punished by him definately. Malik riaz will be zaleel in both worlds for his crimes to society and people.

    • With due respect Sir.
      May I say that Malik Riaz has nothing to do with this obviously any father or grand father will act the same way when such incidents happen to his married daughter. With no hard feeling put yourself into his shoes what would have been your line of action. In Islam it’s forbidden to accuse or curse anyone.
      There is a Law and I believe they know better than all of us who is right or wrong.
      We should look into ourself first rather than passing remarks for other .
      I have nothing to do with Malik Riaz or anyone it’s just I thought to put some words ..
      Live in your own world and enjoy life. Pray to Allah to guide all of us straight path. Ameen

  2. Malik Riaz sb focus on Bahria Projects and the people trusted you and bought plots in Bahria. These kind of action will defame you and other will get the benefit.
    Free advice for you is to change your Legal advisors.

  3. Very good move by malik riaz, indeed he had nothing to do with the act of infidelity neither with the act of breaking into someones house. Its his legal right to sue someone who tries to malign him. Anyone at his place will do.same.

  4. LAWL Drama !!!
    the Think is USman Khalid butt what he is doing inside the Uzma Khan House did anyone ask Question to Ms. Uzma Khan ?? and who Told Amna Usman that Your Husband and Uzma Khan they are together in Uzma House.

    this is all Part of Money $$$$
    in short Put a blank Cheaque and deal this matter under-table

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Here’s Why Lawyer Khadija Siddiqui Dropped the Uzma Khan Case

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