Malika Sherawat in Talks to Play Begum Nawazish Ali in Upcoming Biopic

Ali Saleem’s iconic character is about to get a Bollywood makeover.

Bollywood is set to bring to life the story of TV host and comedian Ali Saleem’s iconic character, Begum Nawazish Ali. The biopic  was announced by Deepak Pandey, CEO of EORTV.

The film will be produced under the banner of EORTV, a leading production house in India. Pandey also hinted at the possibility of casting Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat in the lead role of Begum Nawazish Ali.

The announcement of a Begum Nawazish Ali biopic has generated quite a buzz on social media, with reactions ranging from intrigue to confusion.

Pandey spoke to media about his upcoming project, stating,

This is a strong story, a story of boldness and courage. The character is multifaceted and needed someone as courageous and undaunted as the begum herself.

He also adding that he is planning on approaching Malika Sherawat for the role “as she would be apt for a fearless performance like this”.

Ali Saleem rose to fame in 2005 with his talk show “Late Night with Begum Nawazish Ali”, which first aired in 2005, was a big success. The show was unique in that it featured Ali Saleem as his alter-ego ‘Begum Nawazish Ali’ interviewing high-profile guests, often politicians and celebrities.

The character of Begum Nawazish Ali, a flamboyant and bold cross-dresser, challenged gender norms and brought conversations around gender and sexuality to the forefront of Pakistani media.

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