Malika Sherawat On Deepika’s Intimate Scenes: I Did It 15 Years Ago

Deepika Padukone - Malika Sherawat

As Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone is being praised for her initimate scenes in the film Gehraiyaan, Malika Sherawat is pointing out how she was ostracized for the same kind of work.

The Bollywood artist is set to make her comeback on the silver screen with RK/RKay. While promoting the film, the Hiss star called out the dual standard of how another actress is being lauded for the same kind of work that she was punished for 15 years ago.

The Myth actress compared Deepika Padukone’s performance in Gehraiyaan with her film Murder, saying;

“I did similar work over 15 years back.”

Malika Sherawat opened up about being mentally tortured by a section of the industry at the time. How they couldn’t look at her artistic body of work past her ‘bold image’.

“Such hue and cry was created when I did Murder. People said all kinds of things about the kiss and the bikini. What Deepika did in Gehraiyaan, I did that 15 years ago, but people were too narrow-minded back then. I should tell you that a section of the industry and media was mentally torturing me. These people only talked about my body and glamour, not my acting. I worked in Dasavatharam, Pyaar Ke Side Effects and Welcome, but none talked about my acting.”

She opened up about how a section of the industry always spoke about her body and glamour but never her acting. On a positive note, she highlighted the changes she is seeing in the film industry. As per the starlet;

“Earlier, the heroines were either too good, sati-savitri types who were too innocent to know anything, or they were the characterless vamps. These were the only two types of roles written for heroines. The change that we see now, shows women as humans. She can be happy or sad. She can make mistakes, she can falter, and you love them despite all of that. The heroines are more confident about their bodies as well.”


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