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Man Abandons His Wife And Children On Train [Video]

Humanity is lost.

It seems that humanity has disappeared in people these days. From domestic abuse to horrific incidents of cruelty towards children, we keep hearing of such incidents in our society.

This sort of behavior isn’t just restricted to violence. In a very curious case recently, one father and husband decided to abandon his responsibilities while on a moving train with his family!

Is this a society we want?


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What happened?

The shocking story came to light when a poor woman and her three children came to Sarim Burney Trust to seek shelter. The woman shared her story about how her husband abandoned her and his children on a moving train.

The poor family from Gujranwala was traveling to Karachi on a train. At the Rohri station, the husband asked his wife to hold onto some papers and told her he would be back shortly.

Unfortunately, the man never came back as the train left the station. Unbeknownst to the woman, the papers he left behind were actually divorce papers, which, one of the passengers had to read out to her.

Still reeling from the shock, the woman and her three children reached Karachi Cantt station where a rickshaw driver helped them reach Sarim Burney Trust. The poor family needed shelter as they narrated the whole story as well as their family history with this man to Burney.

“He used to beat me in public, with rods, belts, or anything he comes across with. Also, he threatened me to kill me several times. He also used to beat his children too,” she said.

Watch the video here:


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Written by Sher Alam


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