Man Allegedly Strangles Grandson Over His Daughter’s Love Marriage

The baby was only a month old.


With the rise in honor killings, we have been hearing of incidents that shake our faith in humanity. But could you imagine killing a baby in the name of ‘honor?’ Well, that’s what happened recently in Punjab’s Lodhrān district, according to police reports.

A woman in Lodhrān is blaming her father for her 1-month-old infant’s death. According to reports, her father was against her marriage by choice. So, a few months ago, when the lady tied the knot, her father showed his discontent and anger.

The newlywed filed an FIR at a local police station, pointing towards her father for killing his own grandson. According to her, the father took revenge – for going against his wishes with her marriage choice – by strangling the newborn.

The police have taken the accused into custody and are currently looking into arresting 4 others, who were reported to have been involved in the murder.


Via Geo News


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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