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Man Stabs and Kills Customer Over a Chicken Burger

When cutting ahead of the line has deadly consequences.


On Monday night, a casual fast food run cost a man his life. Hank Stawinski, the County Police Chief of Prince George reported that Kevin Davis, a 28-year old was stabbed in a restaurant in Oxon Hill upon cutting the line to obtain one of the specially reserved menu items.

Upon cutting in front of everyone, Davis was confronted by another customer, who ended up stabbing him.


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Murder most foul

Stawinski further described the encounter, saying,

“Over the course of fifteen minutes this individual works his way methodically ahead of everybody else in that line, is confronted by this individual and then from the moment of that confrontation, 15 seconds later, the two of them are out in front of the store, a stabbing occurs and an individual’s life is lost”.

According to initial investigations, police reported that Davis and the suspect engaged in a verbal argument before the stabbing occurred. Both individuals walked out of the line and exited the establishment, after which the suspect is said to have stabbed Davis.

“The question my detectives have to answer,” Stawinski added, “is: how does a confrontation lead to a homicide in 15 seconds?”.

Police reports stated that after the incident, Davis was immediately rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival. An investigation has been launched into the homicide, and police are launching public inquiries in order to successfully identify the perpetrator as well as a woman who was with him, who is also now a suspect..


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