Mani Calls Out Those Who Criticized Him for Donating Rations [Video]

Check out his response to haters.


As we are all forced to stay inside our cocoon shells, coronavirus is creating havoc on the streets. It is very unfortunate that people who are most vulnerable to this disease outside are the ones who have to earn their wages on a daily basis.

The government and other citizens have come together to provide rations and basic necessities for these people. Many Pakistani celebrities have also come forward with donation drives, encouraging their fans to do the same.

But in return, these celebrities were criticized for showing off their charitable work on social media. In fact, a lot of fans had a problem with them for approaching other people who could help out the deserving families. Mani and his wife Hira were one of the people who are doing everything they can to help the unfortunate.

Unfortunately, they got trolled on social media these days. And now Mani has a response for those who belittled his efforts to help the poor.

Mani Responds to Hate Comments

Hira and Mani also became the target of such criticism when they shared their donation details on social media.

In response to all these comments, Mani made a video on Instagram where he called out all those who called their actions as a ‘cheap publicity stunt’.

“As pop culture celebrities when we share posts of our material wealth – our show ratings, our wardrobe, our holidays – it is labeled as “trending”. However when we try to use our fame to do some good, it is unfairly being labeled as ‘heap publicity stunt.'”

Mani further pointed out the ugly truth of the society we live in which likes to embrace celebrities’ wealth, wardrobe, cars and even dogs. But when they try to step out of that picture to do something good and courteous, they receive backlash.

“When celebrities flaunt their wardrobes, their cars, their dogs or their homes, it’s trendy, tasteful, cute and stylish….But when they try to do something good, so others can follow suit or join their drive, it’s suddenly… cheap publicity!!…”

“In this lockdown when we saw the plight of the starving daily wage worker, Hira and I started a small donation drive at our place with the funds we had and put it up on Instagram….we got a backlash, we just couldn’t understand.”


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An Appeal to His Followers to Make Donations

Mani said that they put up pictures to encourage their fans to do charity in their areas as well because their reach was limited. Even brands started to call them for their contributions.

He also said that their intention was never to show off their wealth or to disrespect any white-collar family.

“‘Why’ is my question?” he wrote.

At the end of the post, Mani said that this sort of negativity only helped them to move forward in their mission.

“And yet….. We continue with our mission. Here’s the quote that keeps us going and will keep all those who are helping the ones in need, to keep at it no matter what..


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