Women, ‘Red Wine’ and Drugs, Mufti Abdul Qavi Admits to Having It All in Leaked Video

The cleric admits to consuming ‘red wine’ and drugs as well.

Mufti Qavi

It seems that the marathon of leaked videos is going strong. Hareem Shah has leaked another video of controversial cleric Mufti Abdul Qavi in which he talks bluntly about consuming alcohol and drugs and having night parties.

While feasting on a meal with Hareem and her associates, the cleric was asked which brand or kind of alcoholic drink he prefers. To which, he said that he doesn’t know the exact names of the drinks, although, he only enjoys the Red one (referring to Red Wine), calling it “mashroob e maghrib”.

“Doctors say it (red wine) is good for my heart. Wine makes you more good looking, it’s good for heart as well and it also tastes better,” he says in the video.


When he was asked about who will join him for tonight’s party, Mufti Qavi said,

“Not one but many women! It is their wish to enjoy my company.”

Revealing more secrets, the cleric told Hareem and her friend that using drugs is very common these days, adding that he only used to smoke marijuana and “has five blunts with him at the moment”.

Ever since the video has appeared on social media, it has sparked outrage as an Islamic scholar talking about these prohibited activities makes them skeptic.



WATCH: Hareem Shah Leaks Another Video of Mufti Qavi to Prove Her Claims

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