Maria B. Calls Out Drama ‘Kuch Ankahi’ for Subtly Promoting ‘Anti-Islam Joyland’


Renowned designer Maria B. expressed her outrage at ARY Digital drama serial Kuch Ankahi for subtly promoting the controversial film Joyland. The poster for Pakistan’s Oscar-nominated film was spotted in the background during one of the scenes.

Despite public backlash, the Pakistani showbiz industry is vehemently backing Saim Sadiq’s award-winning film that is focused on the transgender community. However, Maria B. has labeled that film as nothing more than a foreign LGBTQ agenda that goes against the norms of Pakistan’s Muslim Ummah.

maria b

Maria B. went on another social media rant, calling out Kuch Ankahi producers and cast for subliminally promoting the controversial film. She wrote in an Instagram story,

We have dramas promoting Joyland/transgenders subliminally. WE ARE NOT STUPID WE GET IT. WAKE UP PAKISTAN… AND SEE THE NEW AGENDA. Rather than trying to save Pakistan, we are selling our religious identity.

maria b

Maria B.

Maria B. has been openly vocal about her strict stance against the LGBTQ and has often raised her voice against people who change their gender because they aren’t comfortable with their biological sex.

For the unversed, Joyland celebrates the LGBTQ sexual revolution in Pakistan. It tells the story of the youngest son in a patriarchal family who is expected to produce a baby boy with his wife. He joins an erotic dance theatre instead and falls for the troupe’s director who is a transwoman.

Saim Sadiq with Alina Khan and Ali Junejo

The film has won numerous international awards and is shortlisted for the 2023 Oscars.

Written by Syed Muhammad Ahmed and directed by Nadeem Baig, Kuch Ankahi is a story based on women empowerment with light humor.

The show has a star-studded cast including Sajal Aly, Bilal Abbas Khan, Irsa Ghazal, Asma Abbas, Mira Sethi, Qudsia Ali, Ali Safina, and Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui.

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