Maria B Uses Historical Graveyard as Dance Floor for Photoshoot

The controversial designer is under fire for allowing models to dance on the graves of Bahawalpur’s famous Nawab family ancestors.

Fashion designer Maria B has come under fire for conducting a cinematic photoshoot on the ancestral graveyard of the Abbasi family in Bahwalpur.

In a shocking turn of events, a member of the Abbasi family, the ruling Nawab family of Bahawalpur, has come forward to call out famous designer for allegedly conducting a photoshoot in their ancestral graveyard without permission.

The family has promised to take legal action against the designer for misguiding her staff and violating the sanctity of their family heritage.

Here is the controversial promotional clip from Maria B latest couture campaign shot on the ancestral graveyard of the Abbasi family.

A netizen by the username of Chang Khan (CK) took screenshots from Maria B’s latest promotion campaign, highlighting one of the models dancing on the gravestones of their ancestors.


maria b

maria b

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many people condemning the designer for her alleged lack of respect for the dead and the family’s heritage. Calls for boycotts of Maria B’s brand have also been circulating online.

Maria B, who is already a polarizing figure for her controversial stance on various issues, has yet to comment on the matter, but it is expected that she will face legal action from the Abbasi family for the alleged misuse of their ancestral graveyard.

Maria B

The incident has also raised questions about the need for more stringent regulations around the use of cultural and historical sites for commercial purposes.

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  1. It’s shameful and unrespectfull ,
    Maria b is a big name but unfortunately she has no any right to ruin socially,religiously and ethically as a muslim and mature literate responsible citizen.

  2. The models are not dancing but just swirling and walking to show the dresses… Any how it’s not appropriate to use graveyard for such kind of activities. Hope the matter will be settled down between both parties.

  3. I think the promotion could be done in premises. But she her self wanted to make it controversial. The place of graveyard is historic but still commercial. So the manager of these historic places must have granted her permission to do it. They or the department holding this event should also be brought to justice.

    • Controversy creates cash, another shameful act by the designers to promote their product , simply disgusting

  4. That’s should not be done. Why using graves and mosque for advertising purpos. These places r to learn lesson. (Nisha-e-ibrat)

  5. Whats the proof that this is a graveyard???? They must get dig by the authorities to prove the claim first thing secondly maria.b . You should know that youare playing with fire when you jumped into this verbal war. Despite of being right. You are going to face harsh time because this is pakistan and the nation is getting modern pakistani me’ wants to bacome gays and women wants to become whores so they are definitely going to make you pay for what you did because you are a brand and when a brand talks these so called morderns feel threatened. God bless you stay strong.

    • It’s a private graveyard by a family who are nawabs. It’s an ancestral graveyard. This has literally nothing to do with whatever you’re saying. It’s about blatant disrespect for someone else’s property, and that too a graveyard. Have some shame.

  6. Maria b. You are a brand and when brand talks these moderns feel threatened. Cause you talked against LGBTQ. And now you have to face this . Although everbody knows you said right. But this is pakistan where women have decided to become whores and men wants to be gays so this nation is definitely going to punish you for blocking their way.

    • Are you even a Muslim? What are you saying is against our Islamic teachings and its completely nonsense talk!

  7. Kal yehe graveyard apka ho aur ishe tarha photoshoot ho ???just think about it
    Rooh ko larza degi …
    Apko b metti k neeche jana h😔

  8. Really Painful and Shameful as they are Destroying the norms and culture of our society.
    This Fashion Mafia (Not only this particular brand) is not that innocent rather they know “How to make News” no matter controversial. Coz it gives them Fame and publicity and people try to read/watch them and their products. Whether a Photoshoot in Masjid Wazeer Khan, Faisal Masjid, Under the picture of Quiad e Azam and Now Graveyard They know HOW TO SELL THEIR PRODUCTS.
    More painful is NOT A SINGLE PERSON WILL BOYCOTT THEIR PRODUCTS until thet apologize and promise not to do it again. This is dilemma of our own society.

  9. Take strict legal action against this lady Maria B. She has no respect for the dead. Is she blind to make money???

  10. It is very shameful act if these people want no apologe and the pray for the forgivness from Allah otherwise they must be punished in Dooms day. ان شاء اللہ . Butt this bloody government take no action against this bloody act on of these bloody people.

  11. Blindly following the west trying to find aesthetically pleasing locations to guarantee an amazing shoot at the expense of someone elses history…. poor money chasers lack the common courtesy and civic sense to first ask what the place is even all about