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Masoom’s Art Caffe Blends Food & Culture in a Nice Package [Review]

The famous restaurant in Islamabad is back. Here’s what we think of it.


Remember Masoom’s? The famous dessert and breakfast place in Islamabad? For fans of the place who were sad after the eatery closed down a decade ago, we’ve got great news. They’re back! Well they are now called Masoom’s Art Caffe and under new management.

So where is it now? Masoom’s has now been revamped with an all new look at the Art Caffe.

Like the name suggests, they’ve not only revamped their look but their menu too. What was once a go-to dessert and breakfast place, now offers an eclectic range of comfort food.

Let’s dive in!

Art Caffe
Even the salads look pretty


Art Caffe
All sorts of comfort food

They have everything from cheesy delights to a hearty pasta. They even have a dedicated bread section now.

This brings me to another point. How much have things changed really?

Art Caffe

Art Caffe
A dedicated bread section



We love how artsy and yet very inviting the cafe is with its new look:

Art Caffe

Art Caffe

The space has been used very efficiently with both indoor and outdoor seating. Its perfect with a cozy fall hangout in the evening or a lazy summer afternoon.

For me, what really pops out is the color scheme they went with. The place looks like a macaron with its pastel walls and minty green and white furniture.

Interestingly the wall has a giant Mona Lisa painting eating a macaron. Yet the artwork is not what gives the cafe its name.

Art Caffe
“Food art’ is all about presentation and plating

According to the owner, Safeer Zaidi, the artwork they are referring to is actually food art or culinary art. From edible flowers to fancy plating, this cafe will have it all.

Art Caffe owners Safeer Zaidi and Hussain Raza

Ok. That’s enough for the artsy side of the cafe. Now you might be wondering about the price tag.

Value For Money

One thing the Art Caffe is firm about is the fact that they have a ‘casual menu.’ Rather than offer fine dining, they wanted their place to be accessible to most.

The great thing about this? You won’t be paying a heavy percentage for the experience. The items are priced just right. And the variety and taste? We will let these pictures do the mouth-watering thing for you.

Art Caffe

Art Caffe

Their signature cakes are indeed on the pricier side. The owners assured us that these items feature high quality ingredients that makes them stand out from the rest.

Case in point – their new ‘Ruby Cheesecake’ which is made with ruby chocolate. This pink chocolate has a fruity, berry-like flavor. The chocolate is made from the ruby cocoa bean. It naturally tastes like that without added flavors and colors.

This was a favorite with me:

Art Caffe
Ruby cheesecake made with ruby chocolate AKA ‘pink chocolate’

The Art Caffe Menu

Acclaimed pastry chef Masoom Alam is running the Art Caffe. And of course, we also found famed favorites like Death by Chocolate Cake and NY Cheesecake on the menu too.

Art Caffe
Nothing beats the classics

The Art Caffe’s Menu has a ‘casual menu’ with a perfect blend of savory and sweet treats.

Art Caffe
Masoom’s Art Caffe features a casual menu

Speaking of food, we might as well dive into the flavors. Besides classics, there were some sweet additions like their lemon over-lay.

Art Caffe
Art Caffe’s lemon over-lay

The starters offer a range of savory treats like cheese balls, chicken strips, chicken patties the works. The jalapeno cheese balls are a must-have. The meat and cheese combo is a classic, when the heat from the jalapeno kicks in, it was all the better.

Art Caffe
Art Caffe’s jalapeno cheese balls

Options in comfort food range from hearty sandwiches to mouthwatering burgers. The burgers have a decent filling but are not overdone to a point where you fear the leaning tower of cheese.

Art Caffe

Art Caffe
The right amount of burger

Then there’s a range of pasta and even soups. The plating really stands out whatever you order. Like the edible peony on the four-cheese lasagna.

Art Caffe
Four cheese lasagna, soaked in marinara sauce with an edible peony

If you’re looking for healthier options, there are salads and a hummus platter. The hummus is another item on their menu you have to try (unless, you’re not fond of foreign flavors).

Art Caffe
See what we mean by culinary art

Beverages range from fruity fresh to warm, comfort in a cup. Especially the hot chocolate with the marshmallows and the added chocolate shavings on top taste like a campfire. It really reminds me of childhood.

Art Caffe
Tastes like a campfire in a cup


It’s the perfect place to lounge around alone, chat up with friends or spend time with family.


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  • Taste
  • Ambience
  • Value for Money


Masoom’s has a great deal going for it. Its inviting, the food choices are good, the variety just enough to take care of your savory needs. Some items (like their desserts) do veer on the pricier side. But for a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily daily, you can’t go wrong with Art Caffe.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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