Mathira Loves Being a ‘Lazy Loaf’ on Sundays [Video]

Who doesn’t? 😴

Pakistani-Zimbabwean model and TV host, Mathira has admitted to loving nothing more than being a “lazy loaf” on Sundays.

From making headlines with her eye-opening interviews with celebrities on The Insta Show to turning heads with her bold and sometimes controversial style, Mathira likes to take a step back from her busy life and recharge her batteries.

The former VJ and reality TV star, who is known for her bold and controversial persona, enjoys taking a break from her hectic schedule and indulging in some much-needed downtime on the weekends. Despite her love of lazy Sundays, Mathira said that she still manages to stay productive during the rest of the week.

Mathira shared a cute clip with her fans on social media with the caption,

Lazy Sunday 🐼 love being the lazy loaf 😴

Mathira Mohammad, also known as Mathira, is a Pakistani-Zimbabwean model, dancer, television hostess, singer, and actress. She has hosted several television shows and appeared in music videos. She is known for her item songs in Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and the Indian Punjabi film Young Malang.

She is currently hosting The Insta Show on Bol Network. The model and actress, Mathira is known for her bold and blunt personality. She has often been under fire because of her controversial remarks. Love or hate her, the Naagin star is not shy to speak her mind, not afraid of trolls attacking her online.


The Blind Love star has never failed to entertain audiences and has built a strong fan base over the years. The Pakistani model has always been popular for her ‘not too shy’ personality, time and again amused the viewers with her exotic pictures and videos.

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