Mathira Slams Moammar Rana For His Derogatory Remarks Against Bollywood Actresses

“Trashy Society”

The controversial star, Mathira once again stood up against the sexist and derogatory remarks towards women. No matter what people say, the girl has the guts to voice her thoughts and stand up for all the wrong things which makes her one of the most followed and loved actresses.

Recently the renowned Pakistani actor Moammar Rana recently shared an anecdote about his encounter with global star Priyanka Chopra at an event and his admiration for Indian actress Ameesha Patel. Through his remarks, Rana shed light on his interactions with these Bollywood figures and his perspective on beauty.

This interaction has stirred controversy online. Many people expressed their dissatisfaction with the host and the legendary star. Joining the bandwagon, Mathira also shared her views regarding this conversation. She called it “cheap” commentary on people’s skin colors, as she questions the continuous glorification of fair skin in our “trash society”.

She wrote,

How can this cheap ass be commenting on people’s skin color… Why do they all think that being a maid equals being ugly Shame on this host! Why do you all glorify fair skin sad trashy society?

Moammar Rana is a Pakistani actor and film director. He is known for his various Lollywood movies and appearances on the small screen in soap operas and Television Serials. The Pal Do Pal star has also appeared in the films Channa Sachi Muchi, Fire, Jhoomar, and Koi Tujh Sa Kahan. Moammar’s film Choorian by Syed Noor became the highest-grossing Pakistani Punjabi film earning Rs20 crore (US$4.4 million) at the box office.

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