Moammar Rana Recalls Uncomfortable Encounter With Celebrity Crush Priyanka Chopra

The Lollywood star revealed how he got his crush on the former Miss World winner.

Lollywood actor Moammar Rana revealed how he got over his huge crush on Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra.

During a candid conversation on Nadir Ali’s podcast, Rana detailed a chance encounter he had with the former Miss World at an event.

Rana lost all interest in the Indian actress after meeting her in person, and declared actress Ameesha Patel as his newfound Bollywood crush, describing her as “genuinely beautiful.”

Recalling the encounter, Moammmar Rana narrated that he met Priyanka Chopra at an event, where they were both seated near each other. However, Rana initially remained unaware of her celebrity identity and continued chatting with others around him.

As he struggled to find a comfortable seating position, the woman beside him eventually left. Intrigued, Rana inquired about her and was taken aback to learn that it was Priyanka Chopra herself.

The actor humorously mimicked his own reaction to convey how his crush on Chopra faded after realizing that the woman he had been seated next to was the very person he admired. “My whole crush on her -” Rana exclaimed, gesturing with his hands to depict the abrupt disappearance of his admiration.

During the podcast, Nadir Ali interjected with humorous comments, comparing Chopra to “black salt,” which sparked laughter from Rana. In a light-hearted tone, Rana responded with a playful, “To hell with you all.”

The conversation then transitioned to Rana’s appreciation for another Bollywood actress, Ameesha Patel, whom he described as “genuinely beautiful.” Rana elaborated on his perception of Patel’s beauty, highlighting her facial features as a key factor.

When prodded further by the host, Rana nodded and engaged in lighthearted banter, evoking laughter from both himself and Ali.

However, the podcast exchange has not been well-received by some individuals online. Netizens expressed their displeasure with Nadir Ali’s approach and comments during the conversation.

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