Maya Ali Can Rock Just About Every Look [Pictures]

From Eastern traditional to Western casual, she does it all.

Maya Ali

With Paray Hut Love coming up Maya Ali has donned every kind of outfit for the promotions. From Eastern traditional to Western casual. This actress is proving she’s fashion-forward.

Here is a collection of the diva’s best outfits.

The Teefa in Trouble actress dressed up in Eastern traditional because you can never go wrong with traditional attire from a pishwas to a gharara. Her choice of color was bold to bring out her inner diva.


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Sticking to a formal theme, next were the variety of dresses the Mann Mayal actress donned. Nothing says minimalist chic like a summer dress. All Maya Ali’s dresses stuck to a single color all the way through, with unique cuts to bring flavor.

Now who says pants aren’t feminine. They are when they’re styled right. Everything from Maya Ali’s doe eyes to her soft voice whispers feminine through and through, even tailored pants won’t change that.

Then, of course, there’s western casual. Meaning a whole lot of denim. Placing function before fashion the actress made casual chic.



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Given Maya Ali has a fiery side, nothing adds flare like a skirt. Not to be confused with Priyanka Chopra’s tip ‘always be bigger than your skirt’, Maya Ali stuck to stick with how big you can handle.



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There were also some saris in the mix. Mostly just for shoots, not public appearances.

If you think dresses are feminine, get a load of this.



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