Meera Sends ‘Best Wishes’ in English to Shaan Shahid for His Upcoming Film ‘Zarrar’

She impressed us with her selection of snacks and English!

Everyone’s favorite iconic Lollywood actress, Meera Jee sent her “best wishes” to her fellow actor, Shaan Shahid, and his entire team for his upcoming film, Zarrar, and impressed us with her selection of snacks and English.

The actress shared the video message on her Instagram account. Take a look:

Zarrar is an upcoming Pakistani action thriller film written and directed by Shaan Shahid and produced by Ejaz Shahid and Adnan Butt under the banner of Jehan Films.

It stars Shaan Shahid as the titular character, along with Kiran Malik, Nadeem Baig, Nayyer Ejaz, and Shafqat Cheema in supporting roles.

The film was halted for a long time on account of the pandemic and its release dates were postponed several times. Now, this most anticipated film is scheduled to be released worldwide on 25 November.

The idea for ‘Zarrar’ initially began in 2016, and was originally thought to be received as Pakistan’s first spy thriller until the release of 2014’s O21.

The movie tells a dark, gritty and gory story. The central character was a member of a special unit of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) that was tasked with ‘eliminating the threats to the country before they happen’.

The trailer seems exciting, emotionally charged, and packed with action sequences.

About Meera Jee

Meera is an integral part of Lollywood and is one of its veteran actresses. She made a name for herself in her debut movie Khilona in 1999. She has also starred in the Bollywood movies Kasak and Paanch Ghantay Mein Paanch Crore, and is known for her graceful, kathak-inspired dances.

Meera was last in seen the Lollywood films Baaji and Paray Hut Love and garnered praise for her amazing performances.

She will soon be seen in the upcoming projects Oscar and Chaa Jaa Re.

A few days before the actress managed to make headlines with her unusual claim in an interview. She claimed that the 365 Days actor, Italian Michele Morrone, had slid into her DMs on Instagram and asked her out on a date.


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