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Meet the Pakistani Father and His Daughters Who Are Fighting Against Coronavirus

Heeding the call of duty.


Pakistani Twitter is lauding a brave father who, like other family men, is worrying about his daughters, both of whom are doctors. Despite the obvious risks to his daughters’ lives, Dr. Fakhar-ul-Islam is grateful that they are on the front lines in this fight against coronavirus.

Pakistani medical professionals are handling backbreaking shifts amid the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the lack of resources. In such a situation most families are constantly plagued with concern.


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But not Dr. Fakhar-ul-Islam. He is more grateful that both his daughters are doing everything they can in this crisis. Of course, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t worry about them. Quite the contrary actually.

Pakistanis on Twitter are lauding this man’s bravery and patience as he proudly sends his daughters to the frontline in this fight against COVID-19.


Even the killjoys could not ruin the vibe. In fact, one of the daughters stepped on stamp out the haters.


Pakistani Female Doctors Face Harassment During Corona

This man really is brave for sending his children to the frontline against this pandemic. Medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, paramedical staff, etc are highly at risk right now. The lack of resources and protective gear is not helping either.

The lack of cooperation from the public is not encouraging either. The public still hasn’t gotten the hang of social distancing. Medical professionals even get scapegoated in these cases.

Additionally, female doctors are also facing harassment while trying to fight off the COVID-19 pandemic. Many female doctors are backing out of volunteering because of inappropriate advances made by certain men with loose moral values. The world is dying yet certain people are intent on making a woman uncomfortable while she’s saving our lives.

We hope the coronavirus crisis is over soon and that the government gets the opportunity to celebrate people who made all the difference in the fight against this killer virus. Like Dr Fakhar-ul-Islam and his daughters.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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