Mehar Bano’s Risqué Dance at Venice Beach Goes Viral

The ‘Taxali’ star can’t help but shake a leg during her vacay in LA.

Mehar Bano busts out a groovy dance on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California. The video went viral on social media, sparking mixed reactions online.

While celebrities like Hira Mani and Iffat Omar loved the Taxali star’s dance, many Pakistani fans felt upset to see her dancing provocatively out in public in skimpy clothes.

Mehar Bano can be seen dancing energetically on a sandy beach in Los Angeles, California. Sporting sunglasses, a white full-sleeved crop top, and a skirt with a daringly high slit, the actress showcased her carefree and vibrant side.

The video, shared on her Instagram, quickly garnered attention and became a topic of discussion online.

In the accompanying caption, Mehar Bano addressed the challenges of dancing on the sandy terrain, saying,

It’s actually not as easy to dance on a sandy beach as I thought it would be. But the mood board must be executed. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

While the video received a positive response from some quarters, with fans praising her confidence and energy, it also stirred up mixed reactions. Notably, fellow Pakistani celebrities Hira Mani and Iffat Omar joined the chorus of support, cheering Mehar Bano on for her bold and carefree spirit.

However, not all reactions were positive. Some Pakistani fans expressed their displeasure at seeing the actress dance in what they deemed provocative attire in a public setting.

A popular showbiz diva who has been part of the industry since 2011, Mehar Bano is an actress and model. She made a name for herself starring in hit drama serials like Daagh, Balaa, Churails, and the mini web series Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam.  Aside from acting, she is also a dancer.

The 28-year-old owns her own studio in Karachi, called ‘Sway Dance Project’ where she trains young people in dancing and acting.

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