Mehwish Hayat in “Gangster Guriya” Seems Like a New Kind of Item Song [Video]

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Mehwish Hayat - gangster guriya

Baaji‘s soundtrack has been making waves so far.

It’s recent track Gangster Guriya cast Mehwish Hayat as a boss lady on casual Friday.

The lyrics really make it clear that this ‘bawse lady’ can hold her own.

Catchy Tune and Lyrics

The lyrics are also quite catchy and witty. Take for example, this unusual way to teach consent:

“Don’t touch me boy, Macha dun gi mein rola (I’ll create a commotion)”

At first, we struggle to determine if this is an item song or not. This is because the lyrics in Gunda Guriya don’t exactly feature the traditionally lewd sound-bytes that are synonymous of many item numbers.

As for the vocals, singer Sunidhi Chohan’s voice takes care of this catchy dance number.

Gangster Guriya - Baaji
Mehwish Hayat all clad in leather, like an off-duty boss in Gangster Guriya

The sound of the Bollywood vocal powerhouse, paired with visuals of Mehwish Hayat busting moves in Gangster Guriya is something we don’t see in your average item song.

Billi starlet Mehwish amps up the mood with her curls and that badass attitude.

Is Gangster Guriya’s lyrics writer Osman Khalid Butt trying to take Tutti Fruity item songs to a Fergalicious level? Check out these lyrics if you don’t believe us:

“Kon kehta hai khud se ishq man’na hai, Man marzi ka apna maza hai (who said self-love is not allowed. Self decisions have a rush of their own)”

A Different Kind of Item Song

Is Gangster Guriya a Girls Just Wanna Have Fun anthem or did Osman Khalid Butt just create a new kind of item song?

Still sticking to a suggestive tone, theme, and visuals, but the lyrics are pro-fem like Work From Home (we all know what that song’s about, right?).

Gangster Guriya - Baaji
Mehwish Hayat in Gangster Guriya

Everything from the lyrics to the choreography has Osman Khalid Butt’s fingerprints all over it. For once an item song was not something that would scare the cat. Mehwish Hayat was really busting some moves on set.

Then there’s this part when the song swaps scantily-clad women for topless men with surfboard abs:

Gangster Guriya inverts the roles we see in many a dance number.

While we realize the Gangster Guriya’s creative director Osman Khalid Butt tried to break away from things that are present in the traditional item song, question is will the audiences love it? Guess we’ll find out soon.


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