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“Mein Rahungi” Bags Four Awards at Crossover Film Fest Awards

Shamoon Abbasi’s film is a hit with international critics.

It’s been a good couple of years for the Pakistani film industry particularly with Cake being nominated for an Oscar, but that’s not the only film winning awards abroad.

While Asim Abbasi might make it to the Oscars, Shamoon Abbaai’s Mey Rahungi has bagged four awards in Virginia’s Crossover Film Fest. The director and actor announced this news on his Facebook.

The short film revolves around the theme of women empowerment. Its story-line grapples with how society considers women as weak, with the protagonist going on to show how women are not a liability, and can fight for themselves. At its core, the film highlights the primal nature of our fight and flight instincts. Where the traditional approach is fight is for men and flight for women the film provides an alternative approach that when it comes down to you or them, always pick yourself.

The film won four awards in Virginia’s Crossover Film Fest including for Best Action Director and Best Indie Film.

Besides Shamoon, others in the cast and crew shared the spotlight, with Sherry Shah and Saleem Meraj earning the Best Lead Role by an Actress and Best Supporting Role by an Actor, respectively. Sherry Shah was also the producer of this Sham Films project.

The film serves as a tribute to women everywhere particularly with the opening image sequences of strong Pakistani women that accomplished what many men couldn’t.
Mey Rahungi is the third installment in Shamoon Abbasi’s six part short film series called #6Dapak. 6Dapak is a web series of short films. The first installment of 6Dapak was Qissab followed by Zinda.
Meanwhile Shamoon Abbasi is also working on another project Durj. The trailer for the film project has been released. The trailer doesn’t give much away but the disclaimer at the being was very clear that the story was an adaptation of true events.
It is also clear that Sherry Shah will also be starring alongside Shamoon in Durj.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.

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