‘Mera Haseen Jora’ Luxury Pret RTW by Asim Jofa- Pictures Prices and More

mera haseen jora

The Asim Jofa ‘MERA HASEEN JORA’ collection unfolds like a magnum opus, where design and craftsmanship converge in a symphony of unparalleled artistry. Each garment, akin to a canvas, is meticulously woven with threads of thoughtful details, embroidery, and embellishments including exquisite handwork forming a rich intricate tapestry. Traditional cultural regalia undergo a metamorphosis, emerging as a timeless yet contemporary range, an ethereal marvel that steals the breath away.

Syra Yousuf, the embodiment of grace and beauty, breathes life into every piece, a living essence of the collection’s spirit. This creation beckons both fashion connoisseurs and novices alike, its resonance echoing the heartbeats of fashion and style.

asim jofa unstitched

Allow this collection to transport you beyond the mundane, into a realm of haute couture and sophistication, etching your presence into the indelible legacy of Asim Jofa.

asim jofa
3-PC | Stitched | Rs. 39,950/-

Looking for a show-stopping ensemble for your next special occasion? Look no further than this luxurious rich magenta number with a regal dupatta to slay.

asim jofa festive collection
Stitched | Rs. 37,750/-

The rich hue of sangria dances in this ensemble, exuding effortless elegance. This is a mesmerizing drape from Asim MERA HASEEN JORA’ collection to be a cynosure of special evenings.

asim jofa stitched festive collection
3-PC | Stitched | Rs. 39,950/-

Dipped in fascinating charm and grace, this cream saree is a sight to behold. This is a fashion-forward yet timeless classic that you can effortlessly pull off all day long.

asim jofa new arrivals
3-PC | Stitched | Rs. 44,450/-

In the serene shade of dusty mint, this ensemble from Asim Jofa’s ‘MERA HASEEN JORA’ collection exudes an aura of calm that’s both effortless and eye-catching.

asim jofa luxury festive collection
3-PC | Stitched | Rs. 44,450/-

Ace your look with this ethnic moss green peshwas made from luxurious burn-out organza. Complete the look with a mulberry dupatta and radiate vibrant energy.

asim jofa official website
3-PC | Stitched | Rs. 39,950/-

Stand out in a crowd in a bold and striking ruby hue. The ensemble has already been spotted on the ever-so-elegant Syra Yousuf, radiating an unparalleled allure.

asim jofa new collection
3-PC | Stitched | Rs. 38,950/-

Embrace the regal elegance of this emerald green saree, crafted from luxurious fabric that drapes gracefully around the body. Elevate your fashion game and leave a lasting impression at any event with this stunning saree. Get your hands on it today and step into a world of sophistication and glamour.

asim jofa outlets
3-PC | Stitched | Rs. 34,950/-

Indulge in understated luxury with this regal ensemble in a rich number hue. Be the embodiment of glamour and style with this masterpiece in your wardrobe.

asim jofa mera Hasen jora
3-PC | Stitched | Rs. 38,950/-

With a color so vivid it could make even the most jaded fashionista swoon, Asim Jofa’s ‘MERA HASEEN JORA’ collection unveils a masterpiece in the form of the shocking magenta number. Stay classic in the realm of high fashion as Syra Yousuf.

Head on to the official website or nearby outlets to get your favorite pick and slay this festive season!

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