Asim Jofa Shadow Work Collection – Pictures, Prices and More

Showcasing a harmonious interplay of light and shadow.

Asim Jofa’s latest collection, Shadow Work gracefully marries the artistry of an ancient craft with the flair of modern fashion. This exquisite lineup pays homage to the delicate technique of shadowwork embroidery, showcasing a harmonious interplay of light and shadow.

From ethereal pastels to rich, deep hues, the collection boasts a captivating spectrum of colors. Celebrities Mawra Hocane, Saboor Aly, and Iqra Aziz lend their charm to the campaign, embodying the fusion of traditional and contemporary.

With heavily embroidered ensembles that seamlessly blend cultural heritage and wearable style, the Shadow Work collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to both old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Here are a few of the masterpieces of Asim Jofa Shadow Work collection. Select your pick to brighten up your wardrobe.

asim jofa shadow work collection
3 PC, Rs 6,250/-
asim jofa new collection
3 PC, Rs 6,150/-

Introducing the Black Baroque Charm shirt that boasts an intricate ivory baroque embroidery, creating a mesmerizing pattern that adorns every corner and oozes class.

asim jofa festive collection
3 PC Rs 6,150/

Moonlit Promises and Surreal Dreams present reality with fantasy. A wild explosion of myriad shades will welcome you into the hypnotizing world of art and color.

asim jofa unstitched collection
3 PC, Rs 6,450/-
asim jofa official website
3 PC, Rs 6,150/-

Weaving a tale of heritage with each threadwork to let you embody a canvas of enchantment filled with brushstrokes of paisley and liberty motifs with ornate embroideries, the collection radiates the old-world charm.

asim jofa outlets
3 PC, Rs 6,350/-
asim jofa eid collection
3 PC, Rs 6,390/-

Each ensemble reads like a love letter to luxury as it is composed of a mixture of paisley and arabesque motifs intertwined like antique threads.

asim jofa stitched
3-PC, Rs. 6,350/-
asim jofa summer collection
3-PC, Rs. 6,350/-

It’s everything you need to create sonnets of cherished memories through poetic embroideries.

asim jofa summer unstitched
3-PC, Rs. 6,350/-

Saboor Aly emerges as an embroidered reverie, steeped in the essence of cultural nostalgia. It becomes an eloquent tapestry that resonates with the rhythms of tradition and ethnicity as if capturing whispers from the past.

asim jofa shadow work
3-PC, Rs. 6,250/-

Reimagine your modern wardrobe with historical bits embroidered as Shadow Work through this collection.

asim jofa latest collection
3-PC, Rs 6,450/-

Step into a world where threads don’t just adorn, they narrate the stories of those who came before.

asim jofa wedding collection
3-PC, Rs 6,350/-

Like a sonnet composed in threads, the luminous embroidery adorns the fabric, weaving a symphony of heritage and craftsmanship.

asim jofa collection
3-PC, Rs 6,150/-

Asim Jofa‘s Shadow Work Collection seamlessly brings together every intricate detail, effectively showcasing the concept that when a woman embodies art, creative imagination elevates to enhance her beauty.

Book your favorite pieces before they run out. Pre-booking starts on 24th August at 6 PM and deliveries start on 25th August.

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