Sob Queen: Hania Aamir Proves She Can Cry Better Than Hira Mani In Latest Episode Of ‘Mere Humsafar’

Her moving performance in ‘Mere Humsafar’ sweeps us off our feet every week!

Hania Aamir as Hala has got us hooked to our screen every Thursday. Her moving performance in Mere Humsafar sweeps us off our feet every week. It is like she shows her better version with every new episode which makes us more anxious to watch the next one. One thing is for sure, she certainly slides Hira Mani to the second spot with her dramatic and convincing onscreen ‘sobbing’.

Poor Hala and her deteriorating relationship with Hamza are making their fans crazy. We are hurting! We certainly did not want Hala to leave Hamza and let Taayi Jaan accomplish her evil scheme against Hala.

We just want them to quickly get together and also Taayi Jaan to be exposed! Like really soon!

This 32nd episode was actually a rollercoaster ride of emotions. But some fans are also disappointed in Hala for not speaking up for herself and also not clearing the air with Hamza. But we have to give her a round of applause for her remarkable acting. The Ishqiya diva did not leave any stone unturned to show her exceptional acting skills. Twitter is fawning over her latest performance and people can’t help but shower praises.

Take a look!

Aamir is on top of her game these days and winning hearts with her performance in Mere Humsafar. Deprived of love, compassion and care, poor Hala is a victim of her mother-in-law’s sheer hatred, she tries hard to save her relationship with Hamza. Her bitter past and wrong choice about Khurram stands in the way of her happiness. Will she be able to make amends with Hamza? well lets see in the upcoming episodes.

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