Merub Ali Slams Trolls Online Criticizing Her Trip to Gurdwara Kartarpur

“News flash: ANYONE can go to a gurdwara!!”

Actress Merub Ali hit back at a few trolls who seemed to have gotten offended by her recent trip to the revered Gurdwara in Kartarpur.

She shared snapshots of her visit, sparking an unexpected backlash from some social media users who questioned her presence at the sacred Sikh site. The actress, however, didn’t shy away from responding to the trolls and offered a fitting retort.

The series of images posted by Merub showcased her at the scenic Gurdwara, donned in all-black attire with pink and orange dupatta gracefully adorning her head and shoulders.

Despite the seemingly harmless nature of her posts, some users took to the comments section, expressing discontent and demanding explanations for her visit to the holy site. One user, using a vomit emoji, criticized her presence at the Gurdwara, while another questioned whether she had converted to Sikhism, citing her lack of visits to mosques.

Merub Ali responded assertively, stating,

News flash: ANYONE can go to a gurdwara!! You should go too. The people were really kind there. Maybe you can learn a thing or two. 🤍

Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib, situated in Kartarpur, Pakistan, holds immense historical and religious importance as it marks the site where Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, settled after his extensive travels.

Guru Nanak lived at this location for 18 years until his passing in 1539. The gurdwara stands as one of the holiest places in Sikhism, alongside the Golden Temple in Amritsar and Gurdwara Janam Asthan in Nankana Sahib.

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  1. What is the big deal if she visits the gurdwara 🤔
    People of this country became judgemental and extreme day by day just like Indians.