Michael Jackson Super Fan Undergoes 11 Surgeries to Look Like The King of Pop

Leo has spent over $42,000 on facial surgeries

There are thousands of Michael Jackson impersonators around the world, but none of them resembles the King of Pop as much as this one 22-year-old from Argentina.

Leo Blanco, who hails from Buenos Aires, has undergone eleven facial surgeries to look exactly like Michael Jackson.

In an interview with Barcroft TV, Leo said he idolized the world’s most famous music idol all throughout his childhood. And what’s more, he has spent over $42,000 to on plastic surgeries to become the ultimate Michael Jackson impersonator.

Here’s how he looks like:

The Surgeries to Become Michael Jackson

To become a copy of his all-time favorite music star, Leo has undergone four surgeries on his nose, as well as operations on his cheekbones, jaw, and chin.

The transformation has earned Leo hundreds of thousands of fans who follow him at his shows, on social media and even on the streets.

His family however, remains disturbed with the change.

Leo has shared a picture on Instagram, where you can see how he looked before (when he was younger) and how he looks now.



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This, however, isn’t enough for the 22-year old Argentine guy. He dreams of becoming the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world, and he believes he just isn’t there yet.

Via: JoyOnline