Minal and Ahsan Break the Dance Floor at Their Dholki [Pictures+Videos]

Minal Khan

Wedding festivities of Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram have officially begun with a vibrant dholki! The lovebirds are tying the knot this week and they are kicking-off the wedding shenanigans with a fun-filled desi dholki around friends and family.

The dholki took place at Ahsan Mohsin Ikram’s house last night. Ahsan and his father shared the event preparations underway at their home and kept the fans updated about all the details.


Earlier, Ahsan had invited fans to ‘Come dance with the Ikram family’. The dholki invite reads,

“Happy phuppies and sisters of Ahsan invite you to our dholki.”


The photos and videos from the event are doing rounds on the Internet. Minal Khan was spotted in a bright orange ensemble, while Ahsan wore an off-white shalwar kameez and paired it with a colorful waistcoat. In a viral video, the couple of the hour were also spotted swirling hand in hand on the dance floor.

The Khan and Ikram family along with the bride and groom turned to Instagram to document the event, giving fans a look into their wedding shenanigans. Let’s take a look at the photos and videos.

Minal Khan

Minal Khan

Minal Khan

Minal Khan



























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