Minal Khan Announces Her TikTok Debut [Video]

After conquering Instagram, she’s set her sights elsewhere.

minal khan

Actress Minal Khan also jumps into the TikTok bandwagon. She even shared her first-ever video on the social media platform with her fans.

The actress is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram and with her TikTok debut, she has been making waves all over social media.

Clad in a gorgeous black dress, Minal Khan can be seen lip-syncing to a few lines on how it is difficult to cheer girls up.


TikTok fever has reached its peak when coronavirus was traveling from country to country creating havoc and forcing us to stay indoors. Corona is indeed a troublemaker!

Well, long story short, millions of people resorted to this video-sharing social media platform to keep themselves and others busy and entertained by making and sharing fun videos.

It is no surprise that a lot of celebrities also joined the app recently in the wake of the current situation and their fans have been enjoying it so far.

A lot of Pakistani actors and singers have also taken up on this new hobby and they have been sharing really amazing content on the TikTok.



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