Miss Universe 2023: Erica Robin Makes History as First-Ever Pakistani Contestant

The trailblazing Pakistani beauty hopes to break barrier and empower women across the nation.

In a historic moment for Pakistan, Erica Robin, a 20-year-old model from Karachi’s Christian community, has become the nation’s first-ever representative at the prestigious Miss Universe pageant held in El Salvador.

Upon arriving at the pageant venue, Erica expressed her gratitude, sharing on Instagram that she feels “blessed” to represent Pakistan and engage with nearly 90 delegates from around the world, all advocating for equality, purpose, and sisterhood.

The inclusion of Erica Robin in the 72nd Miss Universe pageant has been hailed as a significant step towards greater diversity and inclusion by both fans and organizers. The pageant’s finale is scheduled for Saturday, where Erica will compete on the global stage.

During the preliminary round, which includes the swimsuit event, Erica made a statement by wearing a burkini—a glamorous pink burka covering her body—as a respectful nod to Pakistan’s cultural values. Her bold choice has been both celebrated and criticized.

While conservatives have criticized Erica’s participation as “shameless,” human rights activist Sherkan Malik believes that her representation can have a positive impact.

He notes that women in Pakistan are often confined to the domestic sphere, making Erica’s presence as a Christian woman who speaks eloquently on television a significant and positive development.

Erica Robin’s journey at the Miss Universe pageant not only challenges norms but also sparks important discussions about diversity, representation, and cultural respect within the context of beauty pageants. Her participation serves as a symbol of empowerment and a step towards breaking barriers for women in Pakistan.