Mohsin Ikram Claps Back At Trolls Policing Minal and Ahsan

Minal Khan's father-in-law

People continue to troll Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram over their social media PDA, and father-in-law Mohsin Ikram keeps clapping back.

The entrepreneur is often seen responding to social media trolls for inappropriate and personal remarks regarding his son and daughter-in-law.

Father-in-law Mohsin Ikram often posted pictures with the fam, including Minal and Moshin’s wedding photographs. Whenever someone makes crude remarks about his kids, the man does not hold back from lashing back.

This time the businessman is schooling people that critiqued him for ‘allowing his daughter-in-law to wear what she wants’.

Minal Khan - Ahsan Mohsin Ikram
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So he pointed out how what the Hassad actress wears is none of anyone’s business.

Minal Khan - Ahsan Mohsin Ikram

Then there were people alleging that the Parchai starlet’s mother-in-law is not happy with the marriage. So father-in-law asked how did people jump to that conclusion.

Minal Khan - Ahsan Mohsin Ikram


The businessman pointed out how he doesn’t mind what trolls have to say. However, if and when someone crosses the line he blocks them.

Ahsan Moshin Ikram married Minal Khan in September 2021. You’d think the haram police going after the couple for social media PDA would crawl back into the woodwork after that. However, trolls continue to attack the newly-weds over ‘behayi’ (obscenity) and ‘besharmi’ (shamelessness) for being all loved up.

Just recently a Netizen alleged that Minal’s sister Aiman Khan gifted the newly-weds free tickets to Turkey. Mohsin Ikram slammed the trolled asserting he had the receipts.

Minal Khan - Ahsan Mohsin Ikram

He added that the Netizen provides evidence for such claims.



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