‘Mufti Qavi Treats Me Like His Daughter,’ Meera Jee Dismisses Scandal, Favoring the Cleric [Video]

In response to Hareem Shah’s harassment claims, Meera Jee has made her stance clear.

Meera Jee Mufti Qavi

Mufti Qavi has been a controversial religious cleric for a long time now. And now, he has once again been caught in yet another questionable scandal with Hareem Shah. The TikTok star is known to stir the pot on social media from time to time. However, the video that has been making rounds on social media has left everyone speechless. How did she go from making TikTok videos with him to slapping him in front of the camera? Well, there are lots of speculations going on – but Meera Jee has made it clear that she stands with the religious scholar.

Yesterday, Hareem Shah uploaded a scandalous video on her social media accounts. In the clip, she was seen slapping Mufti Qavi and rushing out of the room. On the other hand, the religious cleric was seen stunned at the act.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, take a look at it here:



This video is now spreading on social media like wildfire. But netizens were skeptical about what to make of this clip. Many began questioning the authenticity of Hareem Shah’s claims. The TikTok star revealed in several interviews that she was constantly harassed by the Mufti. She said:


He spoke salaciously and we have recorded the whole conversation. When you hear it, you’ll realize that what I did was right


Take a look at her interview here:



Hareem Shah explains why she slapped Mufti Qavi

In another interview, Hareem Shah revealed that this was not the first time that Mufti Qavi behaved inappropriately with her. In another video that was shared, PTI’s former President of Religious Affair was heard being improper towards the star.

Take a look at the video here:



Meera Jee sides with Mufti Qavi

In an interview with 24 News, Meera Jee responded to the scandal. She said that he is like a teacher and a father figure. The 43-year-old refuses to believe that Mufti Qavi would do such a thing. She said:


This is extremely saddening – he is a religious scholar and I’ve always had a student-teacher relationship with him. I respect him and he has always treated me like a daughter.


She also added that the scandal has deeply saddened her. Meera Jee believes this was an ill-mannered act against Mufti Qavi. Take a look at the video here:



Do you agree with what Meera Jee said about Mufti Qavi? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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